hudsonTracker - A Continuous Integration Monitor

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This is a handy utility which monitors the status of Hudson (a Continuous Integration/Build engine) by parsing its RSS feed. hudsonTracker sits in your system tray, and displays notifications (and optionally plays sounds) when builds pass or fail. This software is released under the GPL license, so it's free to download and share!

Mac binary now available for download (with Growl support)

hudsonTracker Mac screenshot

How To Use it

Run hudsonTracker.exe. This will show a 'hT' tray icon on your system tray. If the icon is blue, then all the builds have passed, if it's red then there's a failure.

Mac users, run the hudsonTracker application, this will add an icon to the menu bar. If the 'hT' is white, then all the builds have passed. If it's grey, then there's a failure. This application works best with Growl.

Right click (Mac users left click) the icon to see the menu. At the top of the menu is a list of your projects and their statuses. You can click failed projects to launch Hudson and view the failed build. Below the seperator are the program controls.

Double click the icon to open the Hudson home page in your browser.

Check out the screenshots page for more information

How to Configure It

When starting hudsonTracker for the first time, a configuration dialog will be shown. The configuration page has the following inputs:

  • hudsonUrl Where hudson is located (e.g http://localhost:8080/). You can monitor a specific view by providing the view URL (e.g http://localhost:8080/view/myView/)
  • refreshTime The number of milliseconds you want hudsonTracker to check the RSS feeds. The default time is 1 minute (60000 milliseconds).
  • maxRSSEntriesRead The maximum number of RSS entries to read on startup. Most people will not need to change this figure. If this is too small, hudsonTracker may not see some of your projects! Too large, and it may take a long time starting up! The default is 1000.
  • You can bring up the configuration dialog at any time by clicking 'Configure' in the right click menu. Check out the screenshots page to see the configuration panel.


    This software requires Java 6.0 (or higher) to be installed. A Windows executable is provided, however this software should be able to be run on other operating systems by running: java -classpath lib/ht.jar;lib/rome-0.9.jar;lib/jdom.jar au.com.farahtek.hudsontracker.Main

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